North Cyprus, One Man in a Bus

What RW says

A light-hearted diary of a guided tour through North Cyprus, but containing many useful tips and guides to all the main attractions.

The island of Cyprus has had any number of invaders over the last 12000 years. In 1974 it became two countries. The North, now controlled by Turkey, went into isolation after the split, and the border was only reopened in 2003. Things have changed little since then. The World still refuses to acknowledge their existence, and North Cyprus has to rely totally on support from Turkey. This is bad for the Turkish Cypriots, because they can't compete in the World Market, but good for us because the prices and facilities are amongst the cheapest of all tourist destinations.
Because the British were here for a century, the place has a familiar feel to it, with memories from the Fifties all over, and the friendliness of the people make it like a home from home.
The diary has the stories of travel, ancient monuments, geography and anecdotes to hopefully amuse and inform as you go through. There are actually two versions. Because the cost of colour printing makes the main book so expensive, even with the author taking minimum royalties, there is a second version, One Man in a Grey Bus, in which the pictures are monochrome. Fear not, on this site, you will find full colour versions so that you can view them on the web.

For those of you who simply want to know the facts, these are all presented in the pocket guide, that really does fit in a pocket and is of course, even cheaper. The text is small because there is so much information, so you need good eyes or the Kindle version to get the best out of it. You will find it a valuable reference book for travelling this small country, little bigger than the county of Cornwall in the UK.

50% of the royalties of all the North Cyprus books are donated to Kyrenia Animal Rescue, who perform wonderful work supporting and protecting the offspring of all the animals that were abandoned in the mad scramble in both directions across the new North-South border in 1974.

What the Readers Say

"A light hearted but full of useful facts story of the author's recent bus tour to and around North Cyprus, along with Robert's whit and humorous sarcasm you find yourself chuckling and even reminisce of similar situations you have been in or through.
I recommend this short story book that you can read in a few hours."

"I live in North Cyprus, so when I read this book I was very interested to see what a tourist would make of it. A warm and humorous portrayal of a lovely and still relatively unspoilt part of the world, with good descriptions of some of the sights that can be seen, including one or two I have yet to see myself.

I really enjoyed this book which took me to Cyprus without the hassle of actually going and caused me to smile while I was there. I am not a traveler any longer but I am interested in other places. This book did it for me.

Bought for my son and his wife for their July holiday to the TRNC; that they have visited many times since 2002. They tell me it is a great, useful read and half the proceeds are to go to Kyrenia Animal Rescue [founded by expats in 1997].