Into the Fourth Universe

What RW says

Probably the bawdiest and most scathing lampoon of science fiction and big business ever written. Adults only, and only those who are not easily offended!

Tom is catapulted into a chaotic world where bureaucracy and process have taken over from all reason. Good management techniques, intellectual capital and profit have been totally ignored in order to perpetuate an organisational structure in the SCT organisation that Tom now finds himself in charge of.
Nobody seems to know what the company actually does, and Tom, a leader, is given the biggest challenge to find out.
Add into this multiple attempts on his life, his quest to find true love, an investigation into a murder without a victim, the first rule of being a private investigator, and the impending total collapse of four discrete universes, and we have a tangled knot that even Alexander the Great would have trouble cutting through.
Tom has to do something, otherwise it will be the end of everything he knows, and quite a few bits he doesn’t know about.
This is not beep-beep science fiction but a sarcastic lusty romp through everything wrong with business and life today.

What the Readers Say

""Many regular characters make a reappearance, including the Magus who finds himself embroiled in another curious investigation, but the real focus of the story is the world of big business and all its attendant annoyances. Here, in a universe in which sexual politics seem to have evolved no further than the 1960s (think Mad Men with a touch of Carry On...), our protagonist Tom contends with personal development plans, management jargon and a board of directors who have absolutely no conception of what their vast mega-corporation actually does. It's all an excuse to satirise a modern business culture that's obsessed with outsourcing and executive bonuses, but the tale is all the better for it. It makes it both relevant and fun.""