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There are many good authors out there in the world, some of them even published. Now, with the arrival of electronic self publishing and print on demand, anyone and his dog can publish. But are any of them ever read or worth reading? Well, perhaps by friends and family, but they are too polite to tell the author that the work is in need of review The objective of this group is to showcase the work and talent of those authors who are worth publishing and to save you, dear reader, from picking up and suffering a book on the offchance it is any good. All the books and authors highlighted on the Inca site are worth reading, which means that you do not have to work through dozens in order to find the right book and the right author.



If you are a writer, in any genre, and feel you would like to join the group and have your work publicised, please look at the requirements and contact the site administrator via the address given.  (you will have to translate this into a proper email address, so consider that your first test, but it is essential to foil web crawlers who are just looking for places to send their spam).

Once we receive your submission, we will review and give you feedback if you want it. If the work is well written and original, then a link will be included to it in this site and we will do our best to promote with our network. Each book promoted will gain a following, and who knows, perhaps the conventional publishers will wake up before they are completely superseded by word of mouth.

As you would expect, your details will remain strictly with the site owners, and the copyright and earnings on your work will be all your own. There will be no spam or advertising. This is a non profit site and our reward will be to see your work given the acknowledgement it deserves.

are we doing


So many good authors, so little recognition. So many not so good authors, too much recognition. So many publishers, so little idea of what the public wants. So many readers, so little appreciation of what there is out there. Booker prize - have you read any of those works? We bare our bottoms at the so-called intellectuals who award those accolades, and deliver this site as the antidote.


in it for


1. Advice and assistance in their own writing, including copy editing if required. Promotion of your own work across the many different layers of the expanding INCA network.
2. A collection of the best as yet unrecognised works in the World to browse through. If you like reading, you won’t be wasting your time with dross.
3. The support of your peers across the world to bounce ideas off.


we ask


That you read some of the other books on the project and put reviews on Amazon (both .com and, because there is no tie up yet between the US and UK arms of the business to copy reviews over - unbelievable for such a big company). If you like the book, please give it 5 stars. We pride ourselves in reading all submissions and will not allow any disappointing writing to get past us. If you don't like it, please feel free to contact us with suggestions and improvements we can pass on to the author.



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