Countdown to Omega

What RW says

Completed but under evaluation by publishers, Countdown to Omega is 2001 meets ancient aliens.
On the opposite side of the sun is an isolated colony of the survivors of the death-throws of the old planet, Gaia.
One of their number, Anthea, is an outcast, rejecting their teachings and philosophy, and the holder of an alien artifact.
After the elders begin a new series of invocations, the land is bombarded by a firestorm of meteorites, causing Anthea’s amulet to activate.
She knows the Gods are coming, but who they are, and what they are going to do when they find the old ways have returned, triggers a chain of events that count down to inevitable destruction. Can she prevent the old race from wreaking their vengeance on the people, her people, who rejected them millennia ago?
We are hoping to publish before the end of the year if no contracts are offered.

What the Readers Say

"We can't wait!"