Robert Wingfield - Ankerita


A modern Gothic chiller, amusing, nightmarish and heartbreaking in equal quantities, and without any vampires at all!

The story follows the ordeals of Ankerita, a Tudor religious hermit, freed from her 500 year imprisonment in the grave by the unintentional intervention of the modern world. She takes on the life of the vandal who has released her, and finds herself fighting to survive the 21st century. Her only defense is in using the limited experience of the young body she has stolen.

With strong psychic links to the past, she is able to see the restless ghosts of the dead, and is forced to intervene in their affairs, good or evil, allowing them to rest or otherwise.

A woman without identity attracts the attentions of police, drug dealers and people traffickers, and hers is a continual flight to remain ahead of capture. Through this, she is struggling to prevent the body swap and her inevitable return to the grave, and to avoid the machinations of the demons determined to claim her soul for their own.

Her main hope is to return to the other world and be reunited with the husband she killed, and for which crime she was incarcerated. She eventually tracks the portal to a lonely stone circle, and attempts to contact him as the seasons move out of time and weaken the links. The process brings unexpected and dire results.


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