Robert Wingfield - The Fifth Correction

The Fifth Correction

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The Fifth Correction

Another bawdy scathing scifi lampoon of big business, the law and its processes. For adults only, and only those who are not easily offended!

This is the fourth in the Dan series. We find our hero still trying to discover what SCT, the company he found himself in charge of after the last assassination attempt, actually does, and his mission is to turn it around whilst trying not to be killed again by the Temporal Conduct Authority, who have decided he needs to be returned to his correct place in time and space (i.e. dead).

But people don't die in this universe, they simply switch into another. Usually, memories are erased when this happens, but not so with Tom, or any of the other eccentric characters who appear to be plaguing his life.

We see the return of the Skagans, now reduced to working in Security, Kara, the cross-wired female android, the Magus, a lot more hairy than previously, and working on a cure which has more side effects than results, Caryl and Amber, Montague Errorcode and some new characters such as Mrs Tuesday, the tea-lady with the answers to everything if anyone would listen, and the detectives Bott and Scaly.

Again, this is not beep-beep science fiction but a sarcastic lusty romp through everything wrong with business and life today.

"All the satire and expectation of 'Into the Fourth Universe' has been built on and taken into the next level, with familiar organisations and processes being ridiculed to the limit now, from the Greedy Universal Taxation Service to the idea of shutting down the Government completely and privatising the services it funds - e.g. if you need to call out the military, you have to give them your credit card number first - what a great way to stop wars completely - and everything hinges around an easy-going bovine creature. The yo-ho-ho references on the cover come in the form of the hirsute 'Neckbeard the Pirate', whose battle-cry is 'We take what we can't pay for, but only as long as it will fit in the boot of the Hynishota Pig-Ugly'."



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