Robert Wingfield - The Fourteenth Adjustment

The Fourteenth Adjustment

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The Fourteenth Adjustment

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"There’s Dystopian, there’s Pratchetesque and then there’s Wingfield’s World.

You know what’s so interesting about Wingfield’s World? Well let me enlighten you – Robert Wingfield takes the thoughts that any human – you included – think about when we are idly pondering the absurdities of life.
Cast your mind back to when you were trying to navigate the labyrinthine routes inside your local hospital. Didn’t you sometimes wonder just who designed those weird signs? Did you ever wonder just what the people behind the cafeteria were talking about when they studiously ignored you as you stood there draped in a cloak of invisibility?
Ever wondered just which idiotic mandarin staggering drunkenly in the subsidised bars of our parliamentary corridors of power made up those stupid rules and ideas?
Did the antics of the officious bastard barring your way in the airport carpark cause your eyes to rise heavenwards in abject consternation?
Another name just came to mind – Elton. No, not John but Ben. Wingfield’s World is pleasingly Eltonesque.
Take what society considers normal – normal to the policymakers that is – strip it down to the bare essentials and you just know that you’re being screwed by the Fat Cats as they manipulate your every move and thought.
So what do you do? You kick back if you have any sense and that is just what Wingfield’s characters do as they wing their way through his almost metaphysical scenarios.
There is a truth in Wingfield’s writing that takes you to the very essence of the absurdities of life on this planet – or any other planet!"

Here we have the savagely satirical fifth venture into the chaotic universes of Two-Dan $mith (sic), side-swiping at the way personal liberties are subtly being eroded by the greed of the real people in power, and the eternal tolerance of decent folk. There are many new concepts, and in a move to help to explain, here is a full glossary.
As with the rest of the Dan series, this is not for the easily offended (or my Gran).


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