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The Legend of Dan

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The Legend of Dan

An adult romp through time and space. Not for the young or easily offended.

Tom’s pointless life is upended when an unexpected visitor whisks him off on a tour of the Universe. Her mission: a lone freedom fighter to stop the Consortium of Industries exploiting and destroying… or so he thinks.

Blinded by lust, he is unaware that his guide has an agenda of her own and is doing her best to get him killed. Into the mix goes a malicious mail-order company, a sex mad race of Viking rejects, a set of multi-armed scientists with a timepiece fetish and a fair amount of beer.

Tom’s only hope of staying alive is his masterful incompetence, and this holds true, all the way to the end of the Universe.

"Anarchic and delightfully silly in places, it's an engaging tale of a libidinous everyman and his hapless travels across a universe in which party-loving wizards and fiercely adventurous gynoids rank amongst some of the more ordinary and sensible inhabitants. There are winsome warriors, time-travelling corporations and characters from Earth's history who are depicted here in an entirely new light. In the course of our hero's era-spanning escapades, we encounter bishops, brigands and barbarians, and we even make the acquaintance of a real ale that has matured so comprehensively that it has become self-aware.
Behind all the wit and unapologetic rudery, there's also an interesting satire on big business and its abuse of natural resources. It has a lot to say and the story romps along at a fair old pace, hopping merrily between scenarios like an interstellar pub crawl. It's all very enjoyable and, since it's just the first in a series, there looks to be a lot more fun and well-written silliness in store."

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