Robert Wingfield - Orinoco II, The Miracle

Orinoco II - The Miracle

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Orinoco II

Swallows and Amazons for the 21st Century.

Springtime, and Terry and Paul are looking forward to getting their beloved dinghy, Orinoco, back on the water. Perhaps this year they can concentrate on sailing without running across any criminal gangs or having another adventure searching for treasure. Unfortunately the gang has other ideas. As witnesses, the boys and their older siblings, BJ and Graham, are the main link to putting them behind bars, and anything might happen before the trial in six months’ time. All they have to do is lie low at their new cottage in the Lakes, keep out of trouble and not use Facebook… easier said than done. Adventures intrigue and treachery, and that’s just a normal day’s sailing.

"A standalone sequel to Starfire Flight sees our team pursued by the criminals they uncovered previously. They escape to the Lakes but there is a serious security breach and they are sent to Norway. Surely they'll be safe there? Well, no. The escape only plunges them deeper into danger. It has all the spills and thrills, double-cross and laughs that we now expect from this author. Suitable for all the family and a must for any adults, especially those who enjoy real adventure without any of the nasty bits."

"The story follows after the first book where the four have an adventure in the Lake District where they become entangled with a bunch of criminals. In this one they are supposed to be in hiding as the court case looms in order to be out of reach of the members of the gang who escaped the law and might want to ‘persuade’ the young people against testifying. To keep them safe they are sent away, only to find they have gone to the very place the leader of the gang went to. That is the only thing I will say about the story, for I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but the two boys, Terry and Paul and Paul’s big brother Graham and Terry’s big sister, known as ‘BJ’ are thrown into adventures that they never bargained for – with a good bit of sailing thrown in.

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