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Requiem for the Forgotten Path - The Summoning

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Requiem for the Forgotten Path

A sequel to Ankerita, another fast-moving modern Gothic chiller, amusing, nightmarish and heart breaking in equal quantities, and still without any vampires at all, calling on many elements of the supernatural as well as contemporary issues facing normal people, as experienced through the eyes of a feisty heroine without a recorded identity.

Ankerita, a Tudor anchoress released from her tomb after nearly 500 years of disturbed sleep, is suffering from amnesia and dying of exposure on a hilltop. From being at the lowest of ebbs, she is rescued by a scruffy hillwalker, who decides to take her as his girlfriend.

It is only when Ankerita discovers he is custodian of a witch’s tome handed down by generations of her family, that she regains her memory and comes to terms with her situation.

She has dreams of re-joining a foreign rock band she used to belong to, and use her enchanting voice, but her fake passport is held by a photographer linked to a gang of people-traffickers. Ankerita confronts him, but this alerts the organisation to her presence, and now the head, Fantasia Stanhope, is using all her resources to track her down.

Ankerita becomes aware that her best friend, Jo, is dying of cancer. There is a chance Jo can be cured if Ankerita can petition the witch to help her with the ‘Summoning’. To do this she needs to collect a number of ancient artifacts, hidden long ago by a sorcerer from the Celtic legends. The Summoning has to be evoked on a specific night when five planets align in formation for the first time in 500 years. Before the collection is complete, Fantasia abducts Ankerita from the protection of her faithful guardian, and is now intending to sacrifice her in a full black-magic ritual. If Ankerita cannot escape, the ‘Summoning’ cannot be made and they both will die.

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