Robert Wingfield - One Man in a Bus - Sicily

One Man in a Bus - Sicily

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One Man in a Bus - Sicily

A diary of a guided tour round Sicily with wry observations, adventures and advice

Holidays eh? It's all very well travelling to a new country and exploring it yourself, but as you know very well, you can only but scratch the surface if you don't have local knowledge. Try picking a good operator for the insights and history that normal tourists miss completely, add a smattering of reflection and comic adventure recording a travelogue of Sicily, the focus of all the history of Europe, and you have this, a modern day 'Three Men in a Boat', except there was only one of me, and it was a bus. Here you will learn and hopefully be amused by my journey as it unfolds and guides you on a tour around this jewel of an island that everyone with an interest in history should visit at least once.

"Comedy and travel and information. A must for anyone going to Sicily or anyone else who thought 'Three Men in a Boat' was one of the funniest books ever written. Plenty of pictures, and ideal as a taster for a trip you must make. All the bits you shouldn't miss! And even if you can't go there, you will feel as though you had"

"Full of useful information and useless information written in an engaging and humorous style. Recommend if you are travelling to Sicily."

"An amusing look at a man traveling by bus through Sicily. He makes light of the disadvantages of the various hotels and undertakes some perilous climbs to see places just off the bus track. An enjoyable read."

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