Robert Wingfield - Strangers with the Eyes of Men

Strangers with the Eyes of Men

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Strangers with the Eyes of Men


A contemporary Gothic tale of blood and sex and corruption.

Ankerita Leighton-Mynde has died saving the life of her best friend, but a promise she made to an enchantress from the sixteenth century draws her back from her new existence. The world she returns to has changed. Dark entities are asserting their will across the population, and the spectre of the Nazis is rising again as Britain approaches the momentous events of the vote regarding continued membership of the European Union. Whichever way it goes, its repercussions will have a lasting effect on the rest of the world.

Blinded, and with only a minor demon to act as her eyes, Ankerita is thrown into a power struggle between the factions, for and against. However, the darkness is rising on both sides. The actual vote is merely an excuse for the Strangers to resume their age-old battles. It is said that King Arthur will reappear when Britain faces a final crisis. That was thought to be a myth, but behind every myth there is some truth. Ankerita follows a trail to search for his remains, and instead finds the spirit of a Dark Ages chieftain to rally to her call.

Together, they descend into the limbo world of Kathartirion to rescue the witch and try to resist the darkness prevailing, but there are many more shadowy entities in there, desperate to return. The evil, which was supposed to be held for eternity, is released. And all the time, the Buchenwald Bell tolls out its call for faithful and faithless alike, waking more of the Strangers with the Eyes of Men from their millennia of inactivity.

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