Stefan and the Spirit of the Woods

What RW says

A sequel to Stefan and the Sand-Witch, 'Spirit' is another modern day fairy-tale for people of all ages, from 8 upwards. The exciting children's adventure, amongst other things, observes the effect of carelessness on the environment. It is illustrated by the author, but he is still looking for an artist with talent to replace the pictures for him - all offers welcomed.


It has been a long winter on the island where Stefan lives, but spring has finally come, and he and the two children temporarily fostered at his home, go out on their bikes, deciding to explore the forest. Their aim is to climb the mysterious hill at the very centre.
They never get that far, stopping for lunch in a beautiful glade, and when one of the children carelessly drops a plastic bag, it invokes the anger of the forest spirits. The final result is one that none of the children could have predicted, but changes all their lives forever.

Where to find it

At 6000 words, the book is not available via any of the standard outlets yet, but if you would like it on your e-reader, please contact the author via social media. There may be a small processing charge, which will be waived if you kindly promise to buy and review a copy of one of his other books.