Stefan and the Sand-Witch

What RW says

A modern day fairy-tale for people of all ages from 6 upwards.

When Stefan digs up a mysterious amber stone on a deserted beach he releases the powerful forces of the hideous sand witches. Their mission, to appear as beautiful young women, infiltrate society and live long and happy lives supported by wealthy businessmen who have no idea what they actually are. However, to keep the illusion going involves eating children. Being mistaken for trolls doesn’t help, and Stefan and his friends meet the awful Sandman and are captured by the witches. The gem dragged them into this, but can it get them out again, or will they become supper rather than getting home in time to eat it?

What the Readers Say

"I really enjoyed this story and the reason I liked it was because it was a strange mixture of 'ordinary' and fantasy.
Stefan and his friends are having an ordinary day out at a remote beach, having cycled there and then suddenly it turns into something rather frightening. But in good story-making style it all turns out alright; however it keeps you on edge because you think they can't possibly escape! I also enjoyed the humour between the three 'daughters' (I don't want to give anything away!); which I have to say will probably go over the heads of children! I love children's books, probably because I've never really grown up - well, why should we? - and I think this is a great story for children, it will capture their imagination. I liked the pictures too."