Cover for the Inn of the Sixth Dan

Robert Wingfield 2021

Worked in computer systems and security at a large bank for what seemed like forever, but eventually completed his tunnel and escaped to follow his passion for the written word. And then the world shut down. He hasn't noticed yet.

And what he does now

Writes a variety of different genres, including young adults (YA), gothic horror, satirical science fiction, travel, general satire, and ghost stories.

He is actively helping a number of authors with editing and formatting works in paper and e-book format, and was Submissions Director for a US publishing house.

He runs the Inca Project, a small group of talented writers, who are struggling to get their works recognised. We mutually support each other, to keep the quality of self-published works as high as possible.


The sixth book in the satirical Dan Provocation series was finished and published last year after extensive rewrites and much gnashing of teeth. Self-isolation does have its advantages. He was also asked to submit a novella to a science fiction publishing house. 2034 Scared New World is currently being evaluated, and he hopes to have it available for sale before the end of the year.

Publishing and Printing

A seamless way of producing and selling books outside of the conventional methods has been tested, and works rather well. A small batch of high quality books can be generated for less than £100, to give away as samples to libraries, bookshops, your granny etc. The three Ankerita books have been generated via this method in hardcover, and exclusive copies are for sale from this site, if you want to see what to expect.