Cover for the Mystery of Shark Island

Robert Wingfield

Worked in computer systems and security at a large bank for what seemed like forever, but eventually completed his tunnel and escaped to follow his passion for the written word. And then the world shut down. He hasn't noticed yet.

And what he does now

Writes a variety of different genres, including young adults (YA), gothic horror, satirical science fiction, travel, general satire and ghost stories.

He is actively helping a number of authors with editing and formatting works in paper and e-book format, and was Submissions Director for a US publishing house.

He runs the Inca Project, a small group of talented writers, who are struggling to get their works recognised. We mutually support each other, to keep the quality of self-published works as high as possible.


Completed the seven books in the Dan Provocation series and currently trying to write the fourth in the Seventh House series. As a diversion from his usual material he put into words a number of tales told by a cousin upon her return from Africa. These are intended to be read as bedtime stories for young children. The illustrations are provided by a very talented friend of the family.

Publishing and Printing

After using a wonderful printer in Poland to produce high quality hardcover books, Brexit has made that more difficult, but now, Amazon are providing that facility, albeit not in the UK at the moment. Hardcover books can be submitted, but these are shipped from Europe at a very reasonable price although this takes an extended time. Oddly, if you order the hardback from Amazon at the full price, you can get it delivered in only a few days.