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  • Syros - One Man in a Hat

    A comic travelogue of an odyssey to, from and around a treasure of the Greek Cyclades.


  • Orinoco II - The Miracle

    The second in the Starfire series.
    The gang escaped in Starfire flight, and are now out for revenge. The children are forced to take refuge in a remote Norwegian village, but fall into another adventure.


  • The Legend of Dan

    The first of the satirical science fiction adventures in time with the enigmatic Kara-Tay, sees Tom realising why the Universe is trying to kill him.


  • Sicily - One Man in a Bus

    A comic photographic travelogue of one man on a guided tour around the island. Recently updated to reflect the latest thinking, but history is as it ever was.


  • North Cyprus

    An informative travelogue and historical guide around a fascinating country no bigger than Cornwall in the UK.  3 versions:
    colour, monochrome and the pocket reference.

  • Starfire Flight

    A modern day Swallows and Amazons adventure for the young at heart. Two boys buy a dinghy and find themselves in a treasure hunt against a criminal gang.

  • Everyone's Guide to not being an Old Person

    A comic look at the things that people do to make themselves into an old person as they get older. You don't have to. You have a choice.

  • Stefan and the Sand-Witch

    A modern day fairytale for younger adults. Illustrated by Anita Burne, a nighttime tale to cast a new light on the Sandman.

  • Third Universe

    Satirical sci-fi. To be republished with new illustrations by Simon Walpole, Tom's adventure now involves saving three whole universes. The Second in the Dan series.

  • Requiem for the Forgotten Path

    Supernatural Gothic horror. The second of Ankerita's adventures now involves a continuing flight from her nemesis and an attempt to save her best friend.

  • Strangers with the Eyes of Men

    Supernatural Gothic horror. Ankerita is reborn, but now is battling ancient evil determined to take over the country in the turmoil of the 21st Century English civil war.

  • Into the Fourth Universe

    Satirical sc-fi. A lusty romp through everything wrong with business and life today, neatly wrapped up in a bit of sci-fi and interconnected adventures. Dan the Third.

  • The Fifth Correction

    More satirical sci-fi. Crack TCA agents, Bott and Scaly, close in on Tom, with orders involving the assembly of sniper rifles and the removal of all clichés. Dan the Fourth.

  • The Fourteenth Adjustment

    Total satire now, with a bit of sci-fi. Tom’s non-payment of a parking fine coincides with the breeding season of his security forces, and the rise of a vehicle storage junta.