This is the Robert Wingfield e-book store. To order any books, use the buttons below, and let me know which format you would like (pdf, epub, mobi etc) or the device you are going to read them on. I will email then directly to you. If you don't say, we will default to epub, for which there are some excellent free readers available.
All physical books are available from Amazon, by searching on Robert Wingfield and/or the book title, but can also be obtained signed direct from the author at the Amazon price (plus UK postage at cost, I'm afraid). There are a few of these available at lower prices, direct from the author on the Inca Project.
For international buyers of the physical books, please contact RW at the domain name or via Facebook or Twitter. A postage price can then be worked out and a special link created for you on this site.
I can also provide a conversion service from Word.doc into these formats, so please contact me for a quote if you intend to submit your own work to SmashWords, or even to sell it directly via the Inca Project.


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