...and the way the world is going
To the struggling author, these days, it seems that there are more people writing fiction than actually reading it. The only profiteers in the business now seem to be the middle-men, distributors and the like, who charge at both ends of the process, and take increased commissions. Amazon for example for print books (via their arm CreateSpace) originally gave the author 70%. They have ported the system over to their new printing system and now only give 60% back to the author.
That seems a lot, I hear you cry, but on a book selling at ,say, £10, 60% is £6, but then they charge the printing costs, which can be as much as £5 on top of that 60%. The author thus gets only £1 for all the hard work, and Amazon rake in the profits.

Hence the ways round that we have discovered. It is now more cost effective to keep a small stock of books, printed via a reasonable alternative, and ship these out through the website.

Ankerita is the first of those books to test this alternative route, and hopefully by Spring will be available to purchase directly from the author. In the meantime, if you can't wait, there are links to the Amazon outlet by clicking on the book covers.