Robert Wingfield

Author, Editor and Wordsmith

Completed works include genres such as Science Fiction, Travel, Young Adult, Gothic and Satire.
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He runs the Inca Project, a free resource Incorporating No Conventional Authors, to help Independent, New, Creative, Ardent writers to achieve the dream of getting their works into print.

A Parking Junta?

In view of the recent news article concerning the charges for dropping people off at the airports, I thought I'd share the first chapter of The Fourteenth Adjustment with you.
The story begins when part-time private investigator, ale-slinger and inventor of the first zero-footprint footprint tries to drop his lady-friend off at Kanye West Airport. There are new parking restrictions in place...


Countdown to Omega

Now complete, this standalone novel takes us right back to the origins of the Nephilim, as seen in 'Strangers with the Eyes of Men'. It was too good an opportunity to miss, what with the questions as to whether the 'gods' as witnessed by our forefathers were really visitors from another world.
'Countdown to Omega' begins with an alien escape pod crash-landing on the peaceful planet of An-ki. Why wouldn't the pilots be revered, with their advanced technology, god-like appearance and foppish hairstyles? Of course, they are not the first to arrive, and the advance party are violently keen to make sure they don't report back what they have been up to.
Caught in the conflict is one of the locals, given a piece of the alien technology when a child. Will she be able to stop the visitors taking her haven down with them as they battle it out?

The Fourteenth Adjustment

The fifth book in the Dan series, The Fourteenth Adjustment is shockingly coming true. The UK Government are actually working on the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill. Chief exec (of The British Parking Association) Andrew Pester (that really is his name), said that a "single, mandatory code of practice across the whole sector is important, to ensure that unscrupulous providers don't undermine the parking sector with bad practice." Maybe the the kickback in the Dan universes against the rise of car-parking juntas, the proliferation of traffic revenue cameras, and the persecution of the common person will be reflected in the real world, but then when has reality ever made sense? The Fourteenth Adjustment is the fifth in the Dan series of bawdy, satirical and topical sci-fi, and is an adventure on its own. Here is a glossary (PDF) of the characters, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Animal Rescue

North Cyprus, One Man in a Bus has been updated to present day. There is now the One Man in a Grey Bus, with reference top the full colour versions of the pictures. The big advantage is that it is half the price - find it here! All versions of the book, including the pocket guide have now been updated and are available through Amazon.
50% of the royalties from all the North Cyprus books are being donated to Kyrenia Animal Rescue. Nearly £100 was raised in 2016, but a little less last year. If you would like to donate, anything you can spare would be gratefully received, even if you don't buy the books. They even have a UK bank for transfers.

The Inca Project

Many of us have a great story inside, but how do we go about sharing it in a form that won't put our readers to sleep? Incorporating No Conventional Authors, the Inca Project will help you get your book into print. There is lots of useful information for free on the site, and we can provide anything else you need, including formatting your book so that it is totally professional. The Project has more than 60 members dedicated to independent writing and mutual support. Competitions are being won and writing contracts being awarded to our increasing band of luminaries.