The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense. Reality is more bizarre than anything you can hope to write!

A lot of thought and research went into this book and it shows. It has a very clever and intricate plot, using the present day politics and past events... were riveting so I found it hard to put down... Mrs J - "Strangers with the Eyes of Men"

Bought for my son + his wife for their July holiday to the TRNC; that they have visited many times since 2002. They tell me it is a great, useful read and half the proceeds are to go to Kyrenia Animal Rescue [founded by expats in 1997]. Tony Woods - "North Cyprus, One Man in a Pocket"

"There’s Dystopian, there’s Pratchetesque and then there’s Wingfield’s World. There is a truth in Wingfield’s writing that takes you to the very essence of the absurdities of life on this planet – or any other planet! Above all this is humour at its very best with characters you’ll come to know and love." Darius Stransky - "The Fourteenth Adjustment"

"I fell off my seat while reading this hilariously funny book. Having worked for a huge corporation, I could relate to everything the author described..." Julie - "The Fifth Correction"

"The sarcastic English humor is really funny and intelligent. Also, the book is full of info which one should definitely follow when visiting the area." Camilla - "Sicily, One Man in a Bus"

Ankerita has so many plot twists it leaves you breathless to the hilt. The author captures the atmosphere, crafting her adventures along with thought provoking attitude, until the end... It really leaves you wanting more." Philip - "Ankerita"

"Imagine a terrible laboratory accident that fused together the DNA of Terry Pratchett and Tom Sharpe, and then mixed in a few stray cells from Russ Meyer just for good measure." Jay G - "The Legend of Dan"

"A brilliantly developed adventure liberally spiced with wit, sarcasm and running gags that sneak up behind you and kick you unexpectedly in the funny-bone." Dai Cooper - "The Fifth Correction"

"It's all an excuse to satirise a modern business culture that's obsessed with outsourcing and executive bonuses, but the tale is all the better for it. It makes it both relevant and fun." EC T - "Fourth Universe"

" The writing is full of vivid word pictures but – and this isn’t the contradiction it might appear to be - I was particularly drawn in by the concise, matter-of- fact style. I really was drawn in and carried along by the tale." Mary Ann - "Requiem for the Forgotten Path"

"Being allowed into the world of Robert Wingfield has been an amazing experience and one that I look forward to repeating when I purchase the other books in the trilogy. Let's put it this way - if ever I have another son I will name him 'Dan' in honor of this work." Darius Stransky - "The Legend of Dan"

"One of the best things I've read recently (and I've read some good stuff - Susan Hill, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, etc.). I got through it in 2.5 days, as it was so good I couldn't stop reading." Dai Cooper - "Strangers with the Eyes of Men"

This is great! I did quite like the first book (Starfire Flight) but this one really blew me away! To my mind this is the best book written by Robert that I have read so far. Mrs J - "Orinoco II"

"Full of useful information and useless information written in an engaging and humorous style. Recommend if you are travelling to Sicily" Ernie - "Sicily, One Man in a Bus"

"Unputdownable - I love mystery. Love the fast moving paces. Thoroughly enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. Look forward to more like this." Ta - "Ankerita"

"A book that's difficult to put down. A delightful tale and wonderfully descriptive. Warmed to the characters instantly and pictured it all in my mind as I read. Well recommended , you will not be disappointed." Mrs A Williams - "Starfire Flight"

A fine read for youngsters from the age of seven up and teaches many wholesome lessons parents will appreciate. It would be a great story for parents to read along with their children as well." Cailin - "Starfire Flight"

"Gothic adventures, a hint of magic and a dollop of mayhem. Ankerita is a powerful character, out of time and place, nothing seems impossible from her." Norman Morrow - "Requiem for the Forgotten Path"

"A warm and humorous portrayal of a lovely and still relatively unspoilt part of the world, with good descriptions of some of the sights that can be seen, including one or two I have yet to see myself." Caroline Attwood - "North Cyprus - One Man in a Bus"

"An enjoyable sequel to Starfire Flight; reminds me of a mix between Swallows and Amazons and Enid Blyton's Famous Five as the children set off on another exciting adventure on the water." Kevin Chilvers - "Orinoco II"

A very funny uncomplicated read with universal appeal unless of course you live in a secluded haven for the under 25s. An entertaining book packed full of similar observations which I thoroughly enjoyed. J Febry - "Everyone's Guide to Not being an Old Person"

"An enjoyable sequel to Starflight in this story that reminds me of a mix between Swallows and Amazons and Enid Blyton's Famous Five." Kevin Chilvers - "Orinoco II"

"This is a hilarious satirical observation of the 'older person' (OP)... The tongue-in-cheek humour is just brilliant, provoking side splitting laughter" Suzy Cue - "Everyone's Guide to not being an Old Person"

"Welcoming the Apocalypse positively teeming with Atlanteans, arthropods and an evil genius for whom destroying just one paltry universe is simply not enough." JayG - "Third Universe"

"Writer does not disappoint in this short story, full of mystery and intrigue. Beautiful countryside, hot air and ancient ruins provide a perfect spot for mystery and confusions and love." Linagot - "Sagmarion"

"I love children's books, probably because I've never really grown up - well, why should we? - and I think this is a great story for children, it will capture their imagination." Mrs J Ford - "Stefan and the Sand-Witch"


Currently completed and with my editor is a standalone novel taking us right back to the origins of the Nephilim, as seen in 'Strangers with the Eyes of Men'. It was too good an opportunity to miss, what with the questions as to whether the 'gods' as witnessed by our forefathers were really simply visitors from another world.
The working title is 'Countdown to Omega', and begins with an alien escape pod crash-landing on the peaceful planet of An-ki. Why wouldn't the pilots be revered, with their advanced technology, god-like appearance and foppish hairstyles? Of course, they are not the first to arrive, and their advance party are violently keen to make sure they don't report back what they have been up to.
Caught in the conflict is one of the locals, given a piece of the alien technology when a child. Will she be able to stop the visitors taking her haven down with them?
Calling on historical records, myths and logic, the story explores first contact and the far-reaching effects on the indigenous population, as well as explaining a great deal of the information or misinformation we are being fed in modern times.

The full Wingfield Portfolio is here

The fifth book in the Dan series, The Fourteenth Adjustment is shockingly starting to come true. The UK Government are working on the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill. Chief exec (of The British Parking Association) Andrew Pester (that really is his name), said that a "single, mandatory code of practice across the whole sector is important, to ensure that unscrupulous providers don't undermine the parking sector with bad practice."
Maybe the the kickback in the Dan universes against the rise of car-parking juntas, the proliferation of traffic revenue cameras, and the persecution of the common person will be reflected in the real world, but then when has reality ever made sense?
The Fourteenth Adjustment is the fifth in the Dan series of bawdy, satirical and topical sci-fi, and is an adventure on its own.
Here is the glossary, to give you an idea of what to expect.

More about the Fourteenth

Animal Rescue

North Cyprus, One Man in a Bus has been republished with monochrome pictures. The full colour version of the pictures is on this web site. The big advantage is that it is half the price - find it here!
50% of the royalties
from all the North Cyprus books are being donated to Kyrenia Animal Rescue. Nearly £100 was raised last year, but a little less this one. The sanctuary was still very grateful for what we could donate, and of course anything you would like to donate yourselves. They have a UK bank for transfers.

More about North Cyprus


Writing and Publishing

Many of us have a great story inside, but how do we go about sharing it in a form that won't put our readers to sleep?
If you are an unrecognised, unconventional or unpublished writer, the Inca Project will help you get your book into print, at no cost other than your time and dedication. The Incas are here to show you how.  The Project is growing at a steady pace and now has more than 60 members dedicated to independent writing and mutual support. Competitions are being won and writing contracts are being awarded.

Go to the Inca Project site

Book Reviews

A regular contributor to the Chartered Management Institute, I have been cited for contributions to the Management Book of the Year reviews.
I am also happy to read and constructively comment on completed works submitted through this or the Inca site.

Read the Management Book Reviews

Training and Technical

I am now a new role as submissions director for a mainstream publisher. I am seeing some extremely good works, but, alas, but many are let down by sloppy introduction letters. Editors don't have time to wade through reams of explanation as to how good your novel is. There are many things you can do to improve your chances, not the least of which is
Each one is different so you cannot use a generic letter, with any success.
Feel free to contact me via this site for guidelines. There may be a charge for this service, as I will have to spend time assessing individual publisher requirements, in order to help you tailor your letter of application.
Of course, this won't automatically get you a contract, but at least you will stand a better chance of not falling at the first hurdle.

Check out the Inca Project though. In the Spring 2018 Newsletter, due out in March, you will find a complete list of things to pay attention to in your application letter, and also a list of instant bin-fodder mistakes which will guarantee you won't even get read.

Taxation from the USA

On the Inca site there are updates about how tax is levied on self-published authors.
You may also be taxed by the IRS, the efficient and engaging taxation service in the USA. If you are not a US resident, this could be wrong, and you need to read up on how to contact them and start the process for rebates. It will take some time, but once a decision has been reached, the IRS pays interest on the amount they owe you up until the issue of the refund. Don't hold your breath. The author has been waiting three years now for a $30 refund, so is already planning the purchase of a gold plated limo.

Details of Tax strategies are on the Inca site

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